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I got a new Pixelbook and it's a phenomenal ultrabook.

Also, can be honest? I kinda dig the vision of the web browser as a fundamental aspect of a platform as opposed to an application.

We've moved to a world were the apps and code we run is continuously changing and ephemeral, and we need to both accept and train folks for that.

Also: Android apps on this device scream.

@keegs You can start by pointing to even one cross-platform UI framework as accessible to people with vision problems as a web browser.

You can then second it by finding one that has as much security research and constant refinement.

@Elucidating @keegs Curses?

Actually I suspect GTK+ or Qt could do it too?

@bhtooefr @keegs How on Earth is Curses accessible to the blind?

As for GTK and Qt... Try it.