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Mastodon, but with Active Directory support and SharePoint integration

@calvin I'll take "What is Yammer" for 300.

@calvin Actually, let's also not forget that SharePoint itself has a social feed, and can run on a distributed farm of machines.

@calvin ugh. I was gonna post about taking this VM down this coming week, so I can run patches on TECT and then try to run a backup, ideally during a time of low IOPS (only tect running) to see if I can get things normal again.

@coryw lmk on IRC so I can run a PG backup in case tect poops the bed

stenoweb\coryw @coryw

@calvin I have crovansgate off, but I was thinking, we can just gracefully shut down the Linux VMs (the ones I can't fix myself) before attempting the backups. I can turn crovansgate back on for that.

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@coryw IIRC, the unix VMs (cronk, wellsworth, landon's one) all listen to HV shutdown commands; I would just take care with cronk because it has actual content and relatively higher loads and as such do a backup and PERHAPS slowly wind down services before shutting it off

well, I was thinking, shutdown first, but what might be a good strategy is to pull down your content backup on Tuesday, ideally before ~5 GMT-7. I know my roommate will be gone that night and I'll probably go directly home and start shutting down VMs.

Turning crovansgate back on for you and landon now.

@coryw saved on my uh, stenoweb calendar. I'll do the backups after noon my time but before the cutoff your time.

@calvin cool, thank you! I don't think we'll lose the VM or anything, but I want as few things to be on as possible during the next attempt at a machine backup.