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ok I'm wrestling with a blog redesign for like four years now.

It's not just how things look

It’s things like…should you be able to read the posts in chronological order

(e.g. what if the keyword index was the only way to get at the posts)

stenoweb\coryw @coryw

@joeld This is extremely interesting! For a while, I was hosting my "blog" on a mediawiki wiki and there, there's no need to organize it by date other than the fact that I did. I named each entry "YYYY-MM-DD: Entry Title". It certainly encouraged more active referencing the other posts, and inserting media. Most blog software encourages the "blog" format but a more traditional CMS might let you more freely categorize and associate articles.

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@coryw the big goal was for a dual web/printed book, which I’ve figured out how to do thanks to Pollen ( but since Pollen gives you a full programming environment your imagination is the only limit to how you want things organized.

@coryw the more concrete innovations I’ve settled on are
- not every post needs a title
- “comments” get equal status with their parent posts in certain contexts (I.e. intermingled with actual posts in the RSS feed)—they can be used more like follow up notes this way