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/me sheepishly asks "ok, what else then ... NetBSD? FreeDOS?"

@TrollDecker UNIX was designed to run on computers older than me. I mean, discrete components, right? But yeah, trying to run some big ass desktop on it makes less sense, I agree. I mean, considering what people try to run *JavaScript* on I'd say ... well, things could be worse.

@deejoe Given the overdependence of JS and Electron for desktop stuff, I think it's safe to say it -is- worse. :blobfearful:

@TrollDecker @deejoe Unix with graphical interfaces as much a problem as js/electron desktop apps to reduce dev effort on desktop apps relative to either picking a target or doing native dev on more than one.

@coryw @deejoe That... didn't really come across as a coherent sentence there? :blobwaitwhat:

stenoweb\coryw @coryw

@TrollDecker @deejoe

To expand, I think that just because UNIX was originally designed to run on computers older than we are with discrete components and an "I have Word documents bigger than that" amount of memory, I don't agree that as the '80s and '90s wore on it was at all inappropriate to put a GUI on it and use that system for other things.

That said, I very agree that probably Linux isn't necessarily the right of choice for every single IOT device.

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