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Patrick McHardy, a rogue Linux copyright troll who has made millions from GPL enforcement for (in the grand scheme of things) negligible contributions, has waved a white flag in a major enforcement lawsuit he was pursuing.

This doesn't change the fact he's already made millions of Euro from his legal fights and he's likely to continue.

One might think, "oh he's sticking it to the man!"

But he isn't doing this for the greater good

He's doing it to enrich himself

Companies often comply when asked when legal action looms; his tactics are clearly designed to make him lots of money by abusing mechanisms in German law

@Elizafox >when you realize rms created the GPL as a means to get rich quick but forgot to exploit it himself

@calvin the FSF does make money from enforcement efforts and cash settlements are routine

But not like this, and the main goal is compliance, not profiteering

@Elizafox now i'm imagining the universe where rms drives a Bugatti and owns a mansion but still forgoes hygiene and uses a Lemote

winmine.exe @calvin

@Elizafox imagine.... rms' harem

(this is good cursed fic material)

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