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An interesting interaction on ello about my medium rant, wherein someone misreads the intent of my post and then asks me for advice on how to get into the software industry:

(Good advice: don't get into the software industry. It will probably ruin programming for you forever, and that's probably not worth a fat paycheck unless you're pretty desperate for the dough.)

People often spectacularly miss the point of my rants, which probably indicates that I should rethink how I structure them.

(The current structure is absolute stream of consciousness. Yes, my brain just emits paragraphs of dense prose all the time. It's probably more annoying to me than it is to you, since you only get a fraction of it.)

Thing is, just vomiting paragraphs into a text box is FAST and people usually think it looks OK, whereas restructuring takes forever.

Even that thing about the history of spambots went through only like three drafts, and the actual arrangement was almost totally unchanged from the first draft, which was written in a single sitting. Somebody paid me three hundred dollars for it.

winmine.exe @calvin

@enkiv2 and if you're going to reformat and actually organize it like a blog post, why not make it a blog post?

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