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winmine.exe @calvin

pretty sure this is how you were supposed to use a PDA in the 2000s

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@calvin Yep, back then, every day, I:

* Recorded a video for my wife
* Set a MP3 alarm for her
* Hotsynced my e-mail
* Hotsynced high-res maps
* Hotsynced spreadsheets
* Hopped in a plane
* Jammed to MP3s in a light plane's cockpit
* E-mailed a drawing of rain clouds over Bluetooth, SMSed my wife to tell her I e-mailed her
* In response to her going into labor, zoomed in on a map of the hospital
* Jumped out of the plane, taking selfies on the way down
* Drug the parachute through the hospital

@calvin Oh, and then jumped into the hospital bed with her, while she was in labor.

All of these things definitely happened.

@bhtooefr @calvin my favorite part is how he's obliviously nerding out on his phone while his wife has a contraction

it's like a predictive distillation of the 21st century tech bro