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@calvin man I remember those installers with disk/CD/progress bars

also that mathematica hat is my a e s t h e t i c

@moz @calvin Those bars need to come back. It’s a clever UI package that conveys a lot of info without words

@cypnk @moz @calvin I acutally never knew what those meant >.>

I'm still not sure.

@grainloom @moz @calvin

File Transfer Rate.
CD Read Rate
CPU/Disk Memory

Here you go:

"More Bars always meant something positive"

winmine.exe @calvin

@cypnk @grainloom @moz it wasnt performance, but copy progress: the first bar was how far long the current file was, then overall progress, then target disk usage %

@moz @grainloom @cypnk nvm I misread, that was what you said