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I keep going to type something on my laptop only to reach for my Amiga. 😅

winmine.exe @calvin

@Jo and then the next thing you know, you're going down the path of installing PPC upgrades...

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@calvin Honestly that seems more preferable to this x64 hellscape.

@keegs @calvin Aside from every processor vuln that keeps cropping up.

@Jo @keegs except 1. these problems appear on every sufficiently complex CPU (read: anything modern) - everyone just looks at the #1 vendor's 2. a lot of it is speculative execution as a concept, regardless of ISA

we live in hell, but it's everyone's fault!

@keegs @Jo *everyone making CPUs (that aren't simple)

@keegs @Jo @calvin Its way too complicated for what it does. It's not even clear a classic von Neumann architecture is what we want in the next decade and so much of the X64 design space is around optimizing that.