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Puzzled why humble DRM-free version of Bastion is looking for SteamWrapper.dll...


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@thfr @canadianbryan @bcallah @calvin steam itself doesn't enforce DRM usage. There are games that use the steam libraries (ie. for achievements) that can be ran without the steam client even installed.

@mulander @canadianbryan @bcallah @calvin Well, it doesn't start without SteamWrapper.dll
Linux version includes and, but they are not found (are not natively compiled anyway)

winmine.exe @calvin

@thfr @mulander @canadianbryan @bcallah is there a parameter you're missing? is the wrapper even there? you might need the wrapper; but not libsteam natives; I think the language code fetching is actually managed?

if not, look into uh, I think Ryan Gordon's steam shim library

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@calvin @mulander @canadianbryan @bcallah Unfortunately it's extremely hard to find any information on parameters. There's nothing in the linux launch script, but that calls a mono kickstart binary that then calls the .exe. I tried `-lang en`, from pcgamingwiki but that didn't change anything.

@thfr @mulander @canadianbryan @bcallah

1. have you tried using SteamWrapper without native libraries?

2. you may want to get handy with a disassembler - on Windows, ILSpy and Reflector are the most common.

@calvin @mulander @canadianbryan @bcallah It doesn't find the the SteamWrapper.dll for whatever reason. I'm just buying GOG version for comparison - will write it off as research costs...;-)

@calvin @mulander @canadianbryan @bcallah monodis is pretty great - but it's like that friend that you only call when your life is in shambles.