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winmine.exe @calvin

@kemonine ...this isn't anything like an N800

source: own N800 and N900

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@calvin I have an n810 and its not a hell of a lot bigger and its definitely in the vein.

@kemonine @calvin Well, it's not a phone 😉

But it's definitely made from phone components (Cherry Trail SoC iirc, portrait display that needs rotated input).

There's not much of a competition in the UMPC segment right now (has there ever been, though?) - Pyra is still not in production, and the GPD Win 2 won't be out until April either.

@kemonine ...not really. This is more UMPC as in shrunken down PC - the N800 was basically more like modern tablets, just smartphone size (think iPod touch as the closest modern equivalent) and the N900 an outright smartphone