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Damn, meetup.com's cool and all, but if you try to fill a need that they advertise (like a local FLOSS meetup), they want to you start paying a monthly subscription fee. And for the same prices I could get three VPSes.


@architect yes, but could you solve UX? discovery? advertising?

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@calvin @architect Not sure why that's relevant. He's not comparing running a meetup to running a business.

@architect @calvin may I suggest reaching out to local tech companies and recruiters as possible sponsors? It gen be a very good ROI for them as you do all the work, they just spend a few bucks a month and give you space, and they get talent running around in their space that they can try to recruit.

@Miller_Geek @calvin That's a pretty great idea, I'll have to poke around at some shops or look into getting some help from the city. Fortunately it's not so bad I couldn't absorb the costs, it's just that I really don't like the idea of doing so if it can be avoided.

@architect @calvin I believe this is the intention with Meetup's pricing structure. AFAIK most of the time Meetups are sponsored and hosted by companies, not individuals. Often it's one person's idea and the company they work for agrees to sponsor.