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like, yell about lingua francas and subculture erasure all you want, but the fact is that at the end of the day most of us are building software for the entire world, not some tiny quirky subculture

@er1n I’m a big fan of “the right tool for the job” but when the job is actually “help people with more domain knowledge than programming skills script complex stuff” the right tool is actually just python like 95% of the time

@swizzard @er1n what if it turns out the right tool for the job is the one you're most comfortable with?

@calvin @er1n often it is

i'd argue that having more people 'most comfortable with' the same tool is a plus


@swizzard @er1n i'd also some tools are better suited for some jobs, and quality of tools will be considered, but familiarity is by far the biggest factor for productivity.

that, and if we talk about tools, we'll never agree on what colour to paint the bikeshed

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