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It would be fun to make a cryptocurrency where the mining is done in physical space by a human. Think machine-generated and user-printable "cipher puzzle."

I doubt it's feasible, but still a fun thought

@calvin So if one were to limit use of the ledger to somewhat trusted parties, and then duly use less entropy in the encryption, perhaps hand-mining may be realistic?

I was just thinking about my preschooler, and how he'll get older one day, and projects like this might be super fun to do together (if he's interested)

@calvin So based on this article plus some digging:

The rate at which the author can solve a hash:
v = ~1 hash per 40 hours

Hashes needed to mine 1 BTC, according to cryptocompare.com:
H = 4.66e20

n * v = H

This means that it would take 466 quintillion people working 40 hours at the same rate as the author to mine 1 BTC

@calvin or, if you prefer, the entire world population working for 2.66 trillion hours could also mine 1 BTC