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@calvin It's cute when they first start out, isn't it?

I'm not mad. Maybe this generation will figure out how we can make the culture a bit more sustainable before one burns out and contemplates jumping out of a building because one has been up for 36 hours trying figure who pushed up code to production that t-boned the build.


@Are0h My fear is people like her will get burnt out once they get hit by the soul crushing reality of working for business, not pleasure.

I'm in a similar situation to her; though I've recently done enrollment into higher education of some kind (likely CC) instead of not actually not doing it; mainly for employability, and perhaps networking.

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@calvin I hear you, man. I've been fortunate because I have the skills and experience to tell prick clients to the fuck themselves, but for folks just coming into the game, I'm not sure what to say.

We definitely need to create a career path for programming that doesn't entail throwing people off a cliff to see if they can fly. There's gotta be a better way.