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Cowboy, seen twice @calvin

> Members get exclusive access to the best stories on Medium — but you can read three for free each month. Upgrade for $5/month for unlimited access.

how about no

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@calvin Doesn't Medium rely on user-contributed free content, too?

They can just fuck right off with that shit.

@bhtooefr @calvin why people just don't blog on ther own website? It's soooo easy to setup a simple wordpress site n shared hosting, it costs almost nothing.

@mdfrg @calvin Medium provides a degree of exposure, I think, and self-hosted Wordpress provides the risk of getting pwned pretty massively if you don't stay /right/ on top of updates.

Myself, I find that I split my content between Oppositelock (a Kinja car blog with a significant community), here, and my own blog, in that order.


also, can host WordPress for you without the worry, in exchange for some freedoms and/or money, ofc

@calvin @bhtooefr
Yeah, but in that case there is not much difference from writing on Medium

@mdfrg @calvin Although if you're paying for hosting, you're not necessarily the product, whereas Medium is clearly making people's writings the product.