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I think I saw @bhtooefr and @calvin use the term "exodus" a few times and I think I discovered what it meant. It wasn't about a mass migration to mastodon, but a migration to a new, similar-but-unrelated-and-incompatible platform?

@calvin @bhtooefr

here it is, more directly:

about halfway through the thread he basically describes "what if we pay one or two people with powerful servers to run a really big instance" but the other thing he says a bunch of times is that mastodon's interface is bad, which is pretty much true. It is nowhere near as quick and easy to use as twitter.

@bhtooefr @calvin

I know Chelsea Manning is on here somewhere, I think she's probably actually active, but gosh if I have no idea how to find her and follow her.

Calvin keeps saying "upstream" and if that refers to the flagship node(s) as far as I can tell, they aren't really upstream, they just happen to be big and being peered with that node doesn't exactly do anything for us for content on smaller nodes. (And, xychelsea is not on that specific node anyway.)

@coryw @calvin From, if I search for her, I find two accounts - one unofficial with an outdated avatar and no toots, one a mirror bot

@bhtooefr @calvin

SO hypothetically I have to go sign up on a big node just for finding people, or are we supposed to eventually get more information from that node?

@coryw @bhtooefr I have no real idea how its supposed to go finding people, especially across nodes. I think it's a case of "tell them your username and probably server"

@calvin @coryw It really feels like discovery is a big issue with starting out a new instance, especially if it's a personal or personal+close friends instance - there's no Fediverse-wide recursive search function, there's only what your server knows, so Google may be what's needed to find people

@bhtooefr @calvin

Which is part of what made me say that it sort of feels like if just a few more people signed into maron and used the microfeed therein.

Creamed Corn Magician @calvin

@coryw @bhtooefr Though the newsfeed is kind of a second class citizen - the tooling was kinda "eh" and MS never developed it, especially after buying Yammer.

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