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I think I saw @bhtooefr and @calvin use the term "exodus" a few times and I think I discovered what it meant. It wasn't about a mass migration to mastodon, but a migration to a new, similar-but-unrelated-and-incompatible platform?

@calvin @bhtooefr

here it is, more directly: twitter.com/gravislizard/statu

about halfway through the thread he basically describes "what if we pay one or two people with powerful servers to run a really big instance" but the other thing he says a bunch of times is that mastodon's interface is bad, which is pretty much true. It is nowhere near as quick and easy to use as twitter.


@coryw @bhtooefr

1. that's basically what mastodon.social is (or if they find that not far left enough, witches.town) - it's well integrated enough to paper over federation weirdness as well

2. the UI is... an acquired taste. The platonic ideal™ is we just use whatever clients we like, but that's a bit passing the buck to the user.

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@bhtooefr @coryw (and also more exposing weirdness to the user)