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tootboi @tootboi

So this is a thing that happened... Everyone needs a mainframe.

@tootboi That looks like it'd keep you warm in the winter for sure

@tootboi Non-corecting Selectric II? Or is that a Personal Selectric (same diff IIRC)?

@tootboi I also feel like there's a certain irony to there being a typo in a comment about a non-correcting typewriter.

@tootboi I'm just imagining someone like, having to borderline straddle the mainframe to use the PC comfortably

@pea it's for IPL. You use it to bootstrap the machine and not much else, so I'm not concerned about ergonomics.

@tootboi I see its being used as a desk, but I have to know... Whats the power draw on that thing?