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lando the weaboo hacker @techfury

That moment when I bought a NOS NEC MobilePro 900 WinCE Handheld PC off eBay due to unfulfilled childhood/teenage desire-fueled nostalgia.


Amazingly, I get at least 4 hours of runtime off the never-before-used LiIon pack. I say "at least" because I haven't actually tried to use it longer on battery yet.

I even got it connected to WiFi with an old Prism2.5 card. Too cool.

Oh, and I have an insane JDM Sharp HPC coming soon.

@techfury @igeljaeger technically yes but it's a lot of work (CE4.2 version of .NETCF3.5, the fact SChannel in 4.2 sucks even more than in 5.0, etc)

@techfury ...they really did need more vertical screen if they were going to have a UI like that, for things like terminal programs...

@plausocks I've run it for about 3-4 and it still read 50%. Haven't tried to go further yet.

@techfury @plausocks ...I wonder whose cells they used, because damn

Their own, maybe? Then again, the cells they make in their joint venture with Nissan are utter garbage...