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lando the weaboo hacker

my appears to have a whole English email phrasebook where most of the examples involve software development

sent an email to a smaller yahoo japan auctions deputy service, since the seller specifically states in the item description that they don't want to sell to foreigners, and it feels like i'm setting up the satellaview equivalent of a drug deal

for this toot please picture some japanese guy throwing a ziploc bag with a BS-X memory pack in it through the window of my car

one of the half dozen or so encyclopedias has this photo of rock inspecting boi

I think I just found the last buyer of pre-wiki encyclopedias.

CLR removes tough Java based stains fast

@techfury you can also add handwritten notes to any entry and save

it also talks and you can have it repeat 5 times

@techfury it also features a book about various breeds of neko and inu including shibe

it also has maps and books about Drucker, Keynes, and Marx

@techfury it also has 2000 Japanese and 1000 English public domain texts preloaded

@techfury so let's talk about the UI. it's very hypertext based. in this video, I'm going to search for a word in the Japanese dictionary using romaji, then press the ジャンプ (jump) key, which allows me to cross-reference other dictionaries, including Japanese-English

then you get this cute home screen featuring things like ENGLISH TRAINING GYM. oh, and look at the COPPER ACCENTS

@techfury it has a very plain boot screen that just says "Loading..." in Japanese

*notices package on door step*
OwO what's this???? A Casio EX-word XD-Z20000 電子辞書 (denshi jisho, electronic dictionary)! What wonders lie within?!?!

That moment when I bought a NOS NEC MobilePro 900 WinCE Handheld PC off eBay due to unfulfilled childhood/teenage desire-fueled nostalgia.


Amazingly, I get at least 4 hours of runtime off the never-before-used LiIon pack. I say "at least" because I haven't actually tried to use it longer on battery yet.

I even got it connected to WiFi with an old Prism2.5 card. Too cool.

Oh, and I have an insane JDM Sharp HPC coming soon.