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lando the weaboo hacker

new account: @techfury follow me and all that fun jazz

i have too programming modes

either i really get into something and can't stop or i don't feel like doing it at all


"anything with a port number under 100 is kinda horrible"

insane early virtualization shenanigans: running mIRC in Wabi (Win16 on ) and Apple MAE (System 7.5.3 on Solaris)

How many manuals in the day had this template for their ToC? One must wonder.

Oh hey, I got the computing fanfic maker installed. Errr, I mean Adobe FrameMaker 6 for .

@techfury Before .NET, before the JVM, back when Windows 3.11 and DOS were two different products, we had vbrun300.dll.

german engineering does NOT translate to UX design

for all the sins of modern UX design, it doesn't get this bad

(aka: StarOffice 5.2 on Solaris 2.6. cc @techfury )

@techfury X11 on Amiga. I set this up decades ago, WAY before it had Ethernet, but it works a whole lot better with it now! #retrocomputing #amiga

geforce experience, now brought to you by VB3 and wabi on solaris 2.6

Damnit, do I have a Japanese electronic dictionary addiction? I just got a (brand new 2018 model) Sharp Brain because you can jailbreak it and run WinCE apps.

Jesus these wallpapers that came preloaded on this Sharp are

they should rename the j-link to the segger genesis

It also features the Sony PostPet email client. Email with virtual pets?!

Sharp Telios HC-VJ1C: the most amazingly Peak Japanese Lost Decade Gadget I have seen. Yes, it has a wired LCD MP3 remote. Yes, it has an HTML editor and FTP client in ROM. Yes, it has a (total potato) camera.

my appears to have a whole English email phrasebook where most of the examples involve software development