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lando the weaboo hacker

1988 Japanese-market ad for NEC modems. She seems upset.

if you want to be a nerd, care about something and mean it

who cares about film grain when we can have "mid-1990s digital camera JPEG" grain instead?

just putting about 700 of these on my laptop

@Elizafox the industry is seemingly hellbent on reinventing package management every few years, to only fuck it up more

Interesting UI and clip art in a Japanese DTP application called Hanako (花子) 2014:

Teenage weeaboo me would have died for this. Japanese Windows XP SP3, Panasonic Let's Note CF-R6, watercolor theme, inexperience icons and stuff. Tiny 920g 10" machine with a 1.06 GHz C2D. Passive cooling!

Finally got Macintosh Application Environment to work: Apple's official System 7.5 emulator for Solaris and HP-UX.

Ringer out of said 1973 NEC phone. Largest I've ever seen. Loud enough to wake the dead.

A very interesting talk (via the birdsite) on OpenBSD on the LUNA-88K system by Kenji Aoyama

The LUNA-88K is a Motorola m88k-based system built in Japan (see:

(Disclaimer: I madly loved the m88k architecture and was a lucky owner of both a Data General Aviion pizza-box & radiator systems)

Showa vintage weeb junk: 1973 NEC 600-P telephone set with a 1984 NTTPC phone book for Ehime Prefecture.

still building kdebase. got a good screen dump this time, though. olwm on openwindows 3.6, solaris 2.6.

Successfully blew through my Saturday evening and built KDE 1 on Solaris 2.6 on my SPARCstation 20.

still building kdebase. got a good screen dump this time, though. olwm on openwindows 3.6, solaris 2.6.

More KDE1 progress: with the patch, kdelibs built. Working on kdebase now.

Obtained the magical as update patch. Wasn't in 2.6_Recommended. Turns out it's pretty much mandatory for properly using g++ on 2.6. As an aside, I'm so glad that there are a lot of Eastern European universities still keeping these old Solaris patches available.

More spelunking later: apparently, I need Sun patch 108908-02 or later to get the newer version of the Sun assembler that doesn't choke on long symbol names.