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lando the weaboo hacker

<@techfury> @calvin: you steal the swayzie express so we can send itaniums across the border


@amdt allegedly (I don't know for certain, @techfury can correct me) Fujitsu and/or NEC made domestic ones (or comparable machines that happened to run Lisp) - see fifth generation computing

that said, SMBX did have a presence in Japan

@calvin I wonder which pull quote is the one most people do?

The thing I always took away from it (and shared with @techfury a few times) was essentially "does it get you laid?" which was very interesting when we found the article, which was probably 2008 or so.

dem anime tiddies (NSFW) Show more
Fujitsu D10B stored program control switch at the NTT Museum in Tokyo. Amazing overengineering.

Best media format ever. Fuck Zip drives, this is where it's at. Weak Zip only uses magnetic fields. This uses magnets AND lasers! Specifically, lasers to fry the material to 400C so that a magnetic field can alter the magnetic polarization and simultaneously change the reflected wavelength of the material. HOW BADASS IS THAT?!?!?!

Currently entertaining a compu alt history where magneto optical became the defacto removable storage media before Zip could and experienced more success for longer, had more development, and costs came down.

1988 Japanese-market ad for NEC modems. She seems upset.

if you want to be a nerd, care about something and mean it

who cares about film grain when we can have "mid-1990s digital camera JPEG" grain instead?

just putting about 700 of these on my laptop

@Elizafox the industry is seemingly hellbent on reinventing package management every few years, to only fuck it up more

Interesting UI and clip art in a Japanese DTP application called Hanako (花子) 2014:

Teenage weeaboo me would have died for this. Japanese Windows XP SP3, Panasonic Let's Note CF-R6, watercolor theme, inexperience icons and stuff. Tiny 920g 10" machine with a 1.06 GHz C2D. Passive cooling!

Finally got Macintosh Application Environment to work: Apple's official System 7.5 emulator for Solaris and HP-UX.

Ringer out of said 1973 NEC phone. Largest I've ever seen. Loud enough to wake the dead.