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seat safety switch


I wrote a small write-up about the e-ink computer/digital typewriter I made 4 months ago.

In case anyone is curious, the helicopter pilot in the PC-98 version of Sim City 2000 still screams in English when you shoot him.

Hello new friend. Let’s format you up because for some reason it won’t boot off you.

I am getting more and more serious about adding support for ActivityPub `Article` posts in (my fork of) Mastodon. My vision: they DO NOT show up in your timeline but rather get sent straight into a kind of inbox for articles, like you might have on Instapaper or Pocket. Or maybe the stub shows up in your timeline (as it currently does) but then you click to open it on a new page in a "reader" format. Maybe treat them like DMs where you can have a separate queue of them. Still thinking...

[memory allocation joke] more like heap of SHIT!!!!!!!!! boost if you ever use programs

Best media format ever. Fuck Zip drives, this is where it's at. Weak Zip only uses magnetic fields. This uses magnets AND lasers! Specifically, lasers to fry the material to 400C so that a magnetic field can alter the magnetic polarization and simultaneously change the reflected wavelength of the material. HOW BADASS IS THAT?!?!?!

Because of the unfortunate attitude against the free release of older operating systems, many developers resort to reverse engineering them (and then rewriting from scratch). Such as
Advanced Mac Substitute which emulates Classic Mac OS by an acquaintance of mine: Josh Juran. #digipres

what do you get when you ask five German DevOps engineers if they can achieve continual uptime in production?

My tribe, seeing any unfamiliar piece of technology: "'s'that got a serial port on it?"

Games that aren’t mini-golf also work on the PC98. Who knew?

Swapped out the two vertical deflection transistors in my G07, reinstalled the chassis, played a game of Ms Pacman, vertical deflection failure again. Something else killed at least one vertical deflection transistor.

So the transistor didn't just fall - it was pushed. But by who?

One of the people in this room is the culprit. I will interrogate each of you in turn until ah screw it I'll sort it out next week

Got the PC88 floppy adapter to a stage I'm happy with. Now just to find something I want to run on this little magic computer.

i wrote up some vignettes of things kiwi farms has done to us, to give you a better picture of how they operate, and how they've twisted reality. hope u enjoy. feel free to pass along to anyone you think needs to read it.

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throwback to when my cat did a sick ass keyboard solo

Holy shit it finally worked. Who knows kanji well enough to help me type in the name of these disk images despite the super smeary video??

I think we might be getting further away now.

I did this on Friday but never posted about it. Bodge connector is on. All the cables are here. Gotta reflash a Gotek and then try this out.