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seat safety switch

At last, dual Goteks in my PC-8801mkIISR. Too bad I need to design a new adapter to use both at once.

XD60 is finally assembled. Time to modify the firmware to make the LEDs cooler and also support the Amiga.

Ever since I was a little kid, my upgrade goals have been the same: the MicroMac LC Power WorkStation.

YouTube’s algorithm sent me this gem of a channel this morning: Nybbles and Bytes. It’s one of those PBS-style retro computing shows like Explaining Computers except for two very important differences:

1. The focus is on low level software programming on retro computers

2. The host is a trans femme

This is literally new new favorite channel and I hope anyone interested gives her a subscription because support our family!


Screw trying to fix the camera, let's just lock it rigidly to the back of the vehicle. This is so much better. Why didn't we do this in the first place? Was it a course requirement?

I remember the shadows were required. I did such a terrible job on them. They're so bad.

I got my (very old) university group project game running again on a modern computer. The camera is still just as bad as I remember.

Boost this post if you've ever turned on a computer by putting a knife or a paper clip across the power jumpers

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I forgot how much I liked this little PB180. Gotta fix the trackball on it so I can mouse left and right.

Just saw some JWs stuffing pamphlets into the baskets of rental e-bikes. I was really hoping cyberpunk would be less dumb than this.

working with shared mutable state illustrated

Update: not only is this a problem in QUASI88 for SDL1, it's also a problem in QUASI88 for Win32 and M88 for Win32.

Something super funky is going on with how this game displays text.

I'm guessing it's some sort of clever xor mode or another trick that depends on an ill-emulated hardware quirk.

Removed a just-starting-to-get-pukey clock battery for a friend. Hopefully saved this 512KB early A501.

imagine having a typing error at runtime lmao

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Wonder what this connector is for on this ancient Quantum ProDrive. Access LED?

My port of QUASI88 to SDL2 (from SDL1) works petty well.

It has some weird text-blitting issues, not sure if that's original to the emulator or not since I had to port it to SDL2 just to get it to work on Mojave. Have to try the SDL1 version on an older Mac, I guess.

Game jam theme: cooking/crafting games, based on the Campbell's Soup API.