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@dosnostalgic "ugh, this hand is terrible. i fold."

@enkiv2 hey cool i see you took this totally original photo of some of his computers; how do you know trin?

@selfsame "computer guy doesn't want to make computer thing for govt"

Business People: open world! survival! battle royale! islands!
SCUM Developers: an open world survival battle royale on an island! :)
BP: cool
SD: let's simulate the human metabolism :)
BP: sounds cool
SD: you're a neo-nazi prison inmate :)
BP: uh
SD: shitting is a game mechanic :)
BP: wait
SD: :)

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boost this toot if your cats let you sleep past 5:30 am on a routine basis

trying to prove a point to my three friends

@bhtooefr so...mastodon is just a bad internet forum?

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Model M and M570 are a power duo boost if you agree

@Elizafox unicomp endurapro and m570 but yes that’s my desktop

@calvin i see you’ve discovered unity builds

i forgot that mastodon is just an endless timeline of content warnings

Stupid IRC idea, i18n Show more

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IRC take, a bit subtooty Show more

@sir argument mediocre at best; the point is that users don’t _want_ to do something about it, they want something that solves their problems. slack gave it to them, and the lack of fucking around makes it worth the price they pay for it (both monetarily and in “freedom”). you’re the one with a problem with it, you do something about it.

@dewb @stjohn @sir @calvin yeah increasingly this looks really cool. nice work!

@sir you have some very loud, very angry, very bad opinions. i'm not saying "we should use this one proprietary solution exclusively for communication" i'm saying "irc is bad and why aren't we doing anything about it"

@mcread @ihorner eventually i'll get used to having to copy-paste masto thread links into my instance's search bar...eventually.

@sir formatting is real and strong and people actually care about it. if you want "IRC for idiots" to stop being popular enough that $7.1 billion worth of people pay for it, maybe...i don't know, make irc modern?

great, @ihorner has me back on my mastodon bullshit

@calvin @pony the snack giveth, but the snack never taketh away.

@calvin @katex will confirm, snackhost is best host.