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Business People: open world! survival! battle royale! islands!
SCUM Developers: an open world survival battle royale on an island! :)
BP: cool
SD: let's simulate the human metabolism :)
BP: sounds cool
SD: you're a neo-nazi prison inmate :)
BP: uh
SD: shitting is a game mechanic :)
BP: wait
SD: :)

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boost this toot if your cats let you sleep past 5:30 am on a routine basis

trying to prove a point to my three friends

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Model M and M570 are a power duo boost if you agree

i forgot that mastodon is just an endless timeline of content warnings

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IRC take, a bit subtooty Show more

great, @ihorner has me back on my mastodon bullshit

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So probing some ideas on Mastodon. Show more