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on name update policies Show more

Blizzard requires photo ID to change the name on your account, so I sent them this Show more

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@242242 it's much more enjoyable to use

@bhtooefr ... i actually want lightbulb integration now for the bulbs and browser i use

@bigl0af The Phoronix article has been reflected to show that you can disable Secure Boot.

there's a Debian in my soup

@Aerdan nope, but it keeps me from reading blocked messages

@Aerdan I inject JavaScript into the DIscord developer console in order to hide blocked messages

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@realmaxkeeble back in the day I used 10.10.220/24 as my LAN IP range, iirc

@meena kind of scary! I'm not the type who easily meets a bunch of people at festivals...

last night I dreamt I married a woman I barely knew at a music festival and adopted Spanish-sounding first and last names

@Canageek to be clear, I've been receiving local Amber Alerts and weather warnings in multiple states for years

@Canageek er, Hawaii demonstrated a working alert system that was accidentally activated?

@Canageek local alert systems are already functional in the United States

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my TV (running Android 7.0) just crashed and rebooted itself. all I tried to do was switch HDMI inputs