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hi! I'm kate.

I'm a techie burnout, interested in security, software dev, and privacy.
I do things on Windows others find absurd and like to mess around with Linux networking and containers.

I love to road trip and travel, have very eclectic music tastes, and am not much of a video game player.

I'm some sort of nonbinary transfemme [pronouns: she/her or they/them] living in Ohio, USA, described by others as "left-leaning", with opinions on healthcare and infrastructure.

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@calvin β€œour new owners stopped repackaging open source products with malware installers, so come on back!”

Dell firmware doesn't want to set an emoji asset tag (🍷)
or maybe the Windows utility didn't set it correctly

i wonder what will break in bad ways if i feed it emoji? (a few things do for sure)

don't tell me what I can't do!

hey, you can use emoji for linux network device names!

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@cypnk I do all my prototyping with lighttpd, python -m http.server, or a bare Node instance, whichever's handy. It shouldn't take multiple person-days to pick a web server!

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I should test emails with emoji in the domains

problem: I can't charge my phone and use the Lightning headset the phone came with at the same time, so my phone's battery is now dying

I'm trying to have a video call while screen sharing a game with audio. Haven't found a single application to do this well yet...

a working solution:
* for webcam: Discord
* for screen and game audio sharing: Hangouts (audio
captured through stereo mix recording device)
* for voice: Signal phone call on iPhone, with earbuds underneath my PC headset

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I like the idea of having another /usr hierarchy in ~/.local

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"Unix for Dummies" was lying on the table at my boyfriend's house. Fell open to this curious page, on which it says that `rmdir` will only delete empty directories, but then goes immediately on to pass a comment that `rd` does not expand to `rmdir` because "rmdir is dangerous enough that you should have to do a little typing if you want to use it."

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@katex @bob
Can we as a society finally talk about how business laptops still stick to 1366x768 in 2018 while even a $150 ultraportable can have a 1080p screen?

over a long enough time period, a sufficiently large group of nerds will end up talking about thinkpads

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[from discourse front page]
paint the sheds with fire πŸ”₯🚲

i still think of "discourse" as forum software, no matter how much y'all argue online