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hi! I'm kate.

I'm a techie burnout, interested in security, software dev, and privacy.
I do things on Windows others find absurd and like to mess around with Linux networking and containers.

I love to road trip and travel, have very eclectic music tastes, and am not much of a video game player.

I'm some sort of nonbinary transfemme [pronouns: she/her or they/them] living in Ohio, USA, described by others as "left-leaning", with opinions on healthcare and infrastructure.

i just looked at the hologram logo on one of my credit cards 💳 and thought i saw "LardMaster" printed on it

trans name change updates (+) Show more

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Dear Tor user, we need to make sure you are a human. To keep our customers websites secure, we didn't find a better solution than blocking you by getting you stuck in an endless loop of unsolvable captchas. Oh, and of course, we don't give a shit about your need for privacy and anonymity.
#FuckCloudflare #FuckGoogle

whatever the issue was, it resolved itself

actually, the problem occurs with other applications that don't use Windows' default top bar thing. Telegram (Qt) is exhibiting the issue now too

something strange has happened on my desktop and electron applications that don't use system decorations can't be brought to the foreground

driver license (name/gender marker change) and car insurance were all pretty easy to do. i anticipate trouble with passport and social security gender marker updates.

changing my name with banks is difficult so far. so far only american express has made it easy (online form to enter new name and upload photo of new ID)

Michigan's Upper Peninsula is really pretty

taking the scenic route around Lake Michigan (black line, twice as long) to avoid Indiana (red line)

I have to head home today, and really don't want to. not looking forward to driving thru Indiana

i won, and spelled it right too

current status: racing to impulse buy domains at the bar with 1% battery is taken and my partner and I are disappointed

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Jesus fucking christ.

>Alpine packages are distributed as .apk files, which are actually just gzipped tar files. When apk is pulling packages, it extracts them into / before checking that the hash matches what the signed manifest says it should be.

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saw a license plate "5HT 2A" today

of course it was closed, despite Google and Yelp both claiming it was open
should I leave a review?