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@cypnk @calvin oh no sorry I haven't been checking notifications.

Our site has a statuses section, but we haven't promoted it to an actual spot on the forum.

One of the things I've wanted to do is implement user blogs, which I think is better now than it used to be, because a lot of what's junking up some of our subforums is specific people's epic long-term projects. There are a few multi-page threads that basically consist of people replying to themselves with ideas about how to do something.

@cypnk @calvin

OK whoops, but: Just idly, one of the things I wanted to mention about Microsoft SharePoint is that it actually doesn't need as much as I thought. If you start with SP2013SP2, it will install and run fine in 8GB of RAM, which is about how much my IPS site is using, in total. (Although: I don't know what the total footprint of SP would be w/ a separate SQL server).

Windows VPS hosting with 8 gigs of RAM is *very* costly. On OVH (random sample) Linux is $33/mo and Win is $53/mo

ok I tooted a bunch, now it's time to close mastodon and then forget to look for a while.

@bhtooefr we futuristically trailed them in the early 1990s, ordered ours and started running them in ~1999. I'm guessing that Acela 1 sets will be at the end of their "going over 150" life in a bit under 10 years.

It'll be interesting to see if Amtrak can come up with any additional use for them. Those cars, with trap doors and diesel locomotives added, would do well on a lot of different state/regional routes. (Cascades, but California's hurting for capacity) but conversion may cost too much

Well, this is depressing.

Eurostar train set 373018 in storage, left to rot:

As the article points out... this is something that to America is still *futuristic*, and in Europe, it's abandoned, decrepit, and vandalized.

@calvin @cypnk

Sorry for essay time, but one other thing I looked at years ago, as sort of an aside from the main community, and something I was going to share with close friends, was image board software in the style of "2ch" - for a small, fast paced community (local meme group? idk) it may work well and would probably be close to what you want, but I don't know what the state of the art for those is.

@cypnk @calvin

Discourse is probably worth looking into again, especially because the resource usage of something like IPB with a site the size/age of mine is pretty significant. I don't run the servers directly, but I'm told that the site is a fair amount of what ulterior's infrastructure setup is. Compare with an old small phpBB forum which you can run in a 256-meg VPS or virtual machine.

@calvin @cypnk

Of course, search ability once you move things to static HTML is of concern. People complain about the site's search, but a lot of that is just that (in my case) the site has been running for ~15 years and our current installation has ~12 years of stuff on it, so finding "my posts" is hard when you've been on there the whole time and you have over 11000 posts. I'm not 100% convinced a commercial search engine will be better or that moving the data will be helpful, but.

@cypnk @calvin I run a vintage computing web site, and some of the things about it ended up in calvin's notes. We have tagging now, but they end up either overused and underused.

Archiving is an interesting idea, but the rules may need to be refined a bit, like "a thread that hasn't been touched in 7 days" to avoid the possibility that a thread is alive, just slow moving.

@calvin Upload speed increased to 22 megabits!

Unpopular opinion: Windows 8 > Windows 10. Better UI on Windows 8, and better QA.

@calvin I still maintain that while Weird and that MS did an Extremely Bad Job with leadership on the metro/tablet side of the house, the "two environments with unique UIs in one OS" was a marvelously creative take and that my 19+" displays all look really weird running Windows 10's "what if a tablet but windowed" environment.

7 users on cronk? did another person sign up! :D We're moving up in the world!

"Write about what you know," they always told you. Grudgingly, you finally accept their advice, throw out your half finished novel about accountants, and start writing your autobiography, about your struggles living as a Superhero.
#writingprompts #writing

before Windows standardized on the hourglass, the Atari ST desktop used a bee to indicate the system was busy

gotta coordinate with @calvin to set a time to reboot the virtualization server again.

@doof, yo (I mean, or not, at your preference)