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@cypnk @calvin I run a vintage computing web site, and some of the things about it ended up in calvin's notes. We have tagging now, but they end up either overused and underused.

Archiving is an interesting idea, but the rules may need to be refined a bit, like "a thread that hasn't been touched in 7 days" to avoid the possibility that a thread is alive, just slow moving.

@calvin Upload speed increased to 22 megabits!

Unpopular opinion: Windows 8 > Windows 10. Better UI on Windows 8, and better QA.

@calvin I still maintain that while Weird and that MS did an Extremely Bad Job with leadership on the metro/tablet side of the house, the "two environments with unique UIs in one OS" was a marvelously creative take and that my 19+" displays all look really weird running Windows 10's "what if a tablet but windowed" environment.

7 users on cronk? did another person sign up! :D We're moving up in the world!

"Write about what you know," they always told you. Grudgingly, you finally accept their advice, throw out your half finished novel about accountants, and start writing your autobiography, about your struggles living as a Superhero.
#writingprompts #writing

before Windows standardized on the hourglass, the Atari ST desktop used a bee to indicate the system was busy

gotta coordinate with @calvin to set a time to reboot the virtualization server again.

@doof, yo (I mean, or not, at your preference)

@vfrmedia @calvin I would argue that any small atom-based laptop from the past few years is "basically a netbook, even if not in name." There are usually a few on sale at Walmart/Target or Best Buy. Things like the Lenovo 100 and some of the lower Inspiron 3000 series, especially in the ever popular 2/32 config.

Heck, I'd say that the Surface 3 toes the line in the same way the original RT did.

@calvin To add, I'm not sure that DMing a thought thread makes any more sense than just putting it on IRC, but IDK.

@calvin well, I think I have off-server followers who don't care about the kind of things I'd like to workshop, although this is basically just fodder for "write your blog in onenote."

local-only toots? good for hashtag-workshopping some srsbsns ideas? for [music notes] just the six of us to see.

@calvin @vfrmedia I work in IT/tech in higher ed in the US, as a sidenote.

One of the other things that improved a *lot* that means most students aren't running out buying expensive hardware is remote access to applications. My school provided a 24/7 computer lab up to this last year (TBH I'm still angry we don't have one any more) probably under the justification that anyone can get a netbook and use VPN+RDP to get the apps they need, which while technically true is sort of not the point.

@vfrmedia @calvin I missed this.
Yes, by that era, most people were just buying cheap laptops. The "gamer with a $5000 quad and SLI in 2007" was a very uncommon thing.

Office 2007 was available (US) to students for $70 in a program known as "Ultimate Steal" but some colleges sold it locally under their agreements w/ MS for like $10, even before that. Today, there are similarly big edu discounts, but you can also buy Office "Home & Student" cheap, without any proof.

@calvin @vfrmedia OK this is an extreme tangent, I'll stop after this I promise, but thinking about this, I'm surprised NeXT didn't put ISDN in. Perhaps Jobs saw through the Bell's claims that ISDN would be in any day and didn't want to waste the money on it.