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@calvin cool, thank you! I don't think we'll lose the VM or anything, but I want as few things to be on as possible during the next attempt at a machine backup.

well, I was thinking, shutdown first, but what might be a good strategy is to pull down your content backup on Tuesday, ideally before ~5 GMT-7. I know my roommate will be gone that night and I'll probably go directly home and start shutting down VMs.

Turning crovansgate back on for you and landon now.

@calvin I have crovansgate off, but I was thinking, we can just gracefully shut down the Linux VMs (the ones I can't fix myself) before attempting the backups. I can turn crovansgate back on for that.

@calvin ugh. I was gonna post about taking this VM down this coming week, so I can run patches on TECT and then try to run a backup, ideally during a time of low IOPS (only tect running) to see if I can get things normal again.

@calvin Actually, let's also not forget that SharePoint itself has a social feed, and can run on a distributed farm of machines.

@calvin I'll take "What is Yammer" for 300.

I am going to sign off, and later I will discuss with calvin whether or not to delete this node. At this point, there's nothing here I can't get from twitter, which is much easier to use, and the trouble and resources involved in running an instance make everything that much harder to use, making me question whether or not federated independent-server microblogging is even a good idea. Not to mention that everything broken was "designed that way," which is not a helpful answer.

@dhammicmarxist @gaditb

I think I worded my reply wrong, but at the end of the day it's their platform and everyone else I've consulted about it agrees filtering that particular content was probably the right thing to do.

It feels ironic being on mastodon and hearing from someone that they think twitter shouldn't have moderated something they did.

@calvin none of us do. It is supremely broken. I had to re-reply to something i replied to YESTERDAY and our instance still doesn't show over half the posts that are in the thread if you look at it on their instance.

and I still have no clue how federated timeline works

@bhtooefr That is what I ultimately settled on, which is much less clean and relies on you understanding that this is even possible, and that someone might do it.

@TrollDecker @deejoe

To expand, I think that just because UNIX was originally designed to run on computers older than we are with discrete components and an "I have Word documents bigger than that" amount of memory, I don't agree that as the '80s and '90s wore on it was at all inappropriate to put a GUI on it and use that system for other things.

That said, I very agree that probably Linux isn't necessarily the right of choice for every single IOT device.

@TrollDecker @deejoe

Sorry about that! It makes most sense as a direct reply to instead of tacked onto the end of the thread.

The intent was ultimately to complain about electron, and to suggest that desktop UNIX with a GUI on its own isn't necessarily a problem.

@gaditb @dhammicmarxist

And, just thinking about it, there was no documentation that they did it to control potential influence from automated third parties that may have wanted to, idk, influence election results? (bots that inject themselves into every conversations matching certain words being one of twitter's bigger problems.)

@bea @bhtooefr @gaditb @djsundog @calvin Glad to hear it, because that does mean eventually when freebsd's packagers get new versions, the improvements will be there for people running their instances that way.

I feel the need to double down on not thinking that collapsing long posts isn't as important as people considering how they use length and how to compose posts to make them readable.

@bhtooefr @coryw @gaditb @djsundog @calvin we contribute what upstream will take but I do not think collapsing is one of those things.

Not if somebody doesn't know that's a thing. How do you even find out that's a thing? I only know because someone mentioned it.

@dhammicmarxist @gaditb Intersting! And it was proven not to be a database scaling issue such as back in the day when the first ultra-big accounts were forming and they posted an engineering blog about seeing @replies before an actual post in the timeline?

Any links with information about this?

@dhammicmarxist @gaditb SIMILARLY on *this* web site, if you're on a small instance or if you're having a lot of cross-instance chatter, (important) parts of threads are extremely likely to get lost such as in , something a liiiiittle less likely once you find a thread on Twitter, it usually shows you all of the posts in it.

@dhammicmarxist @gaditb It's annoying, but the way I read the situation on twitter is not that it's intentionally suppresing tweets as much as the fact that a single instance social site at that scale is an extremely impressive feat, which sometimes shows problems at the seams, and also they tend to think people following many accounts want a summary view (the "In case you missed it" sections). I've heard there's no filter if you follow 50 or fewer.