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@bhtooefr @calvin
The argument appears to be less about himself and more about the everyone else on twitter he sees and interacts with

@calvin @bhtooefr well like, I know gravis isn't moving, for a few different reasons, chief among them being essentially the perception that masto's a weird internet libertarian fever dream and that the different technical features may or may not "do anything" -- whether the new feeling (and, I feel that the "feeling" of twitter not caring is newer) will change that, IDK. I of course can't find the thread because twitter search is awful.

@calvin @bhtooefr *cliks reply all* there's a specific person trying to build an actual thing.

Granted, the whole "omg jack follows bad people" - is that even new or did someone just comb through his follow list in detail?

I think I saw @bhtooefr and @calvin use the term "exodus" a few times and I think I discovered what it meant. It wasn't about a mass migration to mastodon, but a migration to a new, similar-but-unrelated-and-incompatible platform?

@calvin right? This isn't even for anything specifically. Although the bit about the SDP40F was pretty interesting, because it was given up on primarily for derailing so often, which it did for a pretty specific reason, which basically has to do with it being from the '70s, not the '80s.

I accidentally spent most of the day looking at Wikipedia's pages about EMD locomotives. Whoops.

fun railroad facts! slowhing water for steam heating is what made Amtrak's first locomotives unviable for passenger service. Once the water was replaced with other ballast, those things stayed right on the rails.

So this feels a lot like if @calvin and @bhtooefr signed into maron and posted statuses there.

Also, side note: boosting a toot just sounds wrong.

hanging out with Julie at The Place.

@bhtooefr I'd heard about gogoro. Perhaps I'm remembering a muuuch smaller device that people just brought inside, and charged with something that looked like a giant xps/precision charger. (the 230w one.) Like, a swagway or similar.

@bhtooefr that's adorable!

Also, swappability seems like a good idea on that kind of thing anyway. You can replace worn out batteries and bring them inside to charge. I've seen one or two other things like that, but it was a few years ago so heck if I can remember.

Early Bird Site felt sort of like yelling into a void. Modern, feels like yelling into a void with your online friends. Mastodon feelsl ike the extremely libertarian version of that, where you don't have any friends yet.

@calvin you’d think android would be a go-to for the dev of a toots client.