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@pollyguo sry if I don’t follow u back !! Im easily overwhelmed on the TL and I’m a huge babby 🐶 trying to feel my style out on here

It’s 2.5 screens on my phone.

Since I can’t quote tweet it, this is intentional garbage that makes using social feeds unusable and is the reason there was such a huge backlash about the 280 on twitter.

@gaditb that’s not how I saw it used on twitter, but I have a smallish account there, the thing I saw used for *that* was usually a screenshot of the tweet, sometimes with a name edited out, and so to me it seems like a bad technical solution to a problem some instances are using human moderators to fix anyway, or someone could report, if it’s an abusive disagreement. Anecdotally, I just figured out what “lrt” means an actual week ago despite being on twitter for like 7 years

@calvin or put a pile of mp3s on a flash disk. But even for me the iPod is way faster than my iPhone.

@gaditb I’m a way, masto encourages you to talk to everyone, where twitter tends to focus more on friends of friends, or the people who you follow follow. Rarely do i get more than three steps out, vs what the federated feed on this small server is like which is close to being busier than my twitter.

@gaditb this is me personally but I get fatigued just looking at twitter and I only follow ~115. I can’t easily be on both, for better or worse.

@gaditb so I’ll be straight up, no quoting and the flat structure of threads kills me, personally. I love the weird stuff you can do with twitter threading and I think it supports multiple lines of thought better. Replying to something I quote RTd is also important to me. Searching for people is also pretty bad and for better or worse I can’t be fully here until the people from Twitter I follow are. Masto is good but also it’s trying too hard to be twitter except wen it isn’t

So there's very little likelyhood this'll actually get seen by any of the current influx of people coming in off of Twitter, but I wonder what their initial reactions are to any of our other deliberate design differences are? Like, the only-hashtags searching, the no quoting, etc.?

@TrollDecker @deejoe Unix with graphical interfaces as much a problem as js/electron desktop apps to reduce dev effort on desktop apps relative to either picking a target or doing native dev on more than one.

@calvin found it today and tried it in my car, works with the stereo I have.

So my iPod had a bunch of stuff put on it in March 2013. Do I refill it or do I keep it as a time capsule of five years ago?

Hmmmmmm. Do I need (or “need”) a Mac Server G3 and a(nother) multiple scan 20 display? I need to drive to Phoenix today anyway.

@calvin Ironic given how much better Office is on ipads than Macs.

It appears to be working so I'm not super pressed. If maintaining it is essentially just a matter of waiting until FreeBSD's packagers update it and then running their updates, I'm not too worried about it.

@samis @calvin @bhtooefr There's one that simulates twitter, I'm fine with the interface, but it took a few moments. Calvin literally set up the server last night, so it's not *that* bad, but I don't know what it would be like to try to introduce new people to it.