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@bhtooefr The undercurrent I'm thinking about tonight is 140 character forced brevity in a pretty specific way.

@bhtooefr If you were conscious of what was happening, you could just use short toots.

more thoughts on the #280 - one of the things I do on bird-tweets is I will basically workshop ideas for a blog entry, which often makes more sense because each tweet is a sentence. However, each toot can be a few sentences. If I write a reply to this, the reply will extremely not make sense on its own. I could still add more sentences. My worry is that separating points will be more difficult for me when it ultimately comes time to clean it up in Word/OneNote for writing.

oh my god I just realized I should probably be posting about on here.

thinking about the #280 again. On Twitter, some jokes come packaged as short threads that work primarily to hide the punchline, creating a synthetic (but well functioning) delivery timing.

Spreche ich auch ein bisschen Deutsch, aber es ist wie babydeutsch.

not sure if I mentioned this but any users of please let me know if performance gets weird. Incidentally backups are performed at ~12:30 GMT-7, whichi s when the Windows VMs slow down.

@calvin haha, right? then I really would be stenoweb\coryw.

Hi, I'm Cory! Gay, chronic illness, IT worker in higher education, IRC liker. @Cory5412 on the bird web site. I blog at

cronk is running on - let me know if it's weird.

Also, should there be like a server account (or should I make, like, a TECT Info account?) for announcements related to the server itself? Especially given that the server has to run updates once in a while, etc.

I should probably install a local copy of OneNote instead of having to make trips to SharePoint's OWA instance or my VDI box I have still been trying to maintain brevity, which, I had to work at anyway, so it's not a very huge difference. It's an interesting difference. The 280 was a bit of a change on twitter, and for as hilarious as this sounds I already feel myself becoming wordier there.

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