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I found a song that's equally gay and vintage technology aesthetic


OK! I'm also interested in whatever else, it's just that a lot of electronic stuff bops hard enough to leave on the car playlist all the time.

Speaking of, clippy nostalgia etc etc usw etc


This was already on the stick, but it's a super interesting visual representation which didn't actually match up with the way I'd been reading the song


A lot, but more like... pop/dance/80s/90s/today kidn of stuff, various electronic genres, I'll generally forgive a lot of different types of music for being in German/French/Japanese (although, like, it still kind of needs to bop, I've had to look away from the Japanese City Pop section of youtube because a lot of it's a little slower than I want to put in my car.)

TBH for starters I can't believe this isn't already on there:

relevant to your interests, @calvin @seatsafetyswitch @bhtooefr and anybody else who likes UNIX workstations

I'm <whispering> using a video downloader tool </w> to get some new MP3s for my car. If you have anything that bops pretty well, upbeat stuff good for waking up to in the morning etc, LMK!

Youtube links if you have them handy, are preferred.

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neural networks are just markov chains for millenials

printer asmr dot matrix printing sound noise 1 hour sleep music


probably a better idea than whatever actually was there.

It's the hottest thing in cool!

@pony @calvin @techfury

other hilarity: norramby (lando's freebsd) came up fine and wellsworth (calvin's openbsd vm) also came up fine. They were, I'm *guessing* idle when everything happened.

@pony @calvin

Also, re WSL, the way I've parsed it is mainly a (yes, half-assed) attempt to get web devs using Mac interested in Windows, since you can spin Linux Docker instances with it for test servers.

TBH, I'd rather just use Hyper-V as well.

Interestingly, and you really should ask @techfury how he set it up, because *his* freebizdee VM came back up just fine. I don't think I've ever had to fsck it for him. Though, initially installing it was weird IIRC.