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also occurs to me I should have mentioned Windows up front.

@amiloradovsky @calvin

The idea was a little bit to combine it with something like an Acronova Nimbie, at which point it's most of the way to being a "$$$" solution, but the incremental cost is still lower than, say, RDX, where a 4TB cartridge is $500. (5TB of BD-RE-DLs is around $150 on newegg in the USA, just looking.)

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I found out that Nero does it, although Nero also installs a very large amount of crapware on the machine while doing so.

The other thing that's worth noting is that I *could* use something like winrar/7z to split the files to arbitrary files, but I'm then still responsible for making ISOs or manually burning discs.

@amiloradovsky @calvin

The use case here is that I back up my server onto an 8TB external hard disk. Current overall size is ~5TB of backups.

Blu-Rays would be for either cold archival of content that's "important but not really very" or for an off-site version of my main backup.

Bare internal hard disks are the cheapest per-gigabyte storage on the market right now, but the comparison isn't to those, as much as to LTO ($$$$) or RDX ($$$, but bad at archival.)

Does anybody know if there's any modern disc burning software I can point at a very large pile of files and have it split them into either ISOs or burn them onto a series of discs?

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"With the rise of self-driving vehicles, eventually there will be a country song about a truck leaving a guy, too."

@Elizafox TBQH, I'd say "gamer" is a subset of "power user".

"Power users" tend to fall into two categories, IME:

* Actually an expert at the tools they use for their regular tasks, completely clueless elsewhere
* Dunning-Kruger sufferers that eventually get things working and therefore think they're experts, but only by breaking everything else in their path, come up with completely illogical mythologies for how things work based on that, and then spew them out to other "power users"

This is what happens when "power users" try to describe hardware architecture without actually understanding it - this whole "left 32" and "right 32" myth about the Power Mac x200 machines persisted for nearly 20 years, while being *utterly* false:


Passed a booth at PyCon for the AstroHaus Freewrite, a Kickstarter-backed "distraction-free writing tool" combining a small e-ink screen with a mechanical keyboard in a fixed plastic shell for a whopping $550.

I inquired about the firmware.

"Actually it runs Debian!" said the dude.

"Oh! So I could install ssh and..."

"No," he said incredulously, "we're not going to give people root!"

TFW name-dropping one of the most freedom-focused OSes to sell a device that restricts those same freedoms.

Why can't we still not boost a toot with a comment? That is such a needed feature..

@cypnk What we really need is for Florida man and cryptocurrency to get together.

@joeld This is extremely interesting! For a while, I was hosting my "blog" on a mediawiki wiki and there, there's no need to organize it by date other than the fact that I did. I named each entry "YYYY-MM-DD: Entry Title". It certainly encouraged more active referencing the other posts, and inserting media. Most blog software encourages the "blog" format but a more traditional CMS might let you more freely categorize and associate articles.

@joeld Hopefully it was a good track! I haven't used versions previous to WSS3 (which I think came out in ~2007), but I think @calvin has.

ok I'm wrestling with a blog redesign for like four years now.

It's not just how things look

It’s things like…should you be able to read the posts in chronological order

(e.g. what if the keyword index was the only way to get at the posts)

@cypnk @calvin

Unfortunately, I suspect anything that does as much as IPB will have a large footprint.

Reading the whole thread, it seems like something custom may be the most desired solution, because like while IPB has a lot of "legacy" it's probably got a similar load to tools that do similar tasks using more modern frameworks (discourse/ruby, sharepoint/.net).

I don't know what each of the older tools (phpBB etc) requires these days.

I like SharePoint and I run my own web site on it, basically against all better judgment, but I don't know if I can without reservation recommend it to other people, in part because not everyone has what would be the best way to run it, an on-prem server where an 8-gig VM isn't $53/month.

Although let's be real: my internet bill for my IPs is $180/mo, so, that's an issue too.