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I like this idea - I feel like hanging the train from above resolves some of the normal blocky appearance issues people have with things like the El or other traditional types of trains that are elevated in some way. Also, hanging it above existing roads is a very good use of things that are likely already reasonably natural corridor paths people think about.

Windows SBS file transfer interface!

installing a windows server 2019 machine.

Might heck around a little bit and put SSH on it.

*notices package on door step*
OwO what's this???? A Casio EX-word XD-Z20000 電子辞書 (denshi jisho, electronic dictionary)! What wonders lie within?!?!


I have been suuuuuper hoping that a modern equivalent to some of the neat old external/removable storage formats like MO, DVD-RAM, ProDisc, LS-120, and Bernoulli would come back into vogue at some point. Not just "liking vintage storage" but, reasonably durable external storage that's consumer-affordable.

Self-hosting, storage vs bandwidth Show more

Self-hosting, storage vs bandwidth Show more

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British Airways Class 140, 141, 142, 143, 144.

Please consider boosting if people on your instances or who follow you might be interested in this kind of thing, and, definitely let me know if you want access or more information!

Hi Everybody,

I should have been to bed an hour ago so I'm going to make this quick.

My Patreon launched, for the vintage Mac server!

The server itself is at - you might need to visit the main forums at to receive updated HSTS settings first.

The Patreon is at

how long until co-location of something like is cheaper than a reasonable windows desktop vps.

I see we're now at the point where the purpose of silicon valley, largely, is finding a way to put a paywall between you and absolutely anything you might need.

(jk jk lol we've absolutely been there a few years now)

Accessibility isn't just for "disabled" people.

Accessibility benefits EVERYONE, from the people who are severely impacted to those who find the extra options convenient, and everyone in between.

THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE to making your stuff more accessible.

This is going to seem tone-deaf to everyone I know in Seattle (because this happens here multiple times every year and I've lived here ~12 years now) but it snowed here yesterday and last night and now I'm still cold from having to dig my car out this morning.


Also have this speaker! It is very nice!

@bhtooefr @iliana

Road trip to Canada and/or Mexico for mailing supplies!

hi! I added a new sticker (finally!!) to the wobscale sticker emporium

it's sky rose's trainsgender pride flag!

fill out a form and I will mail you stickers


I think they've added some session enhancements to desktop H-V, I'm on 8 at work and I don't run h-v yet on my home desktop. I would probably use RDP to get at the apps in question.

Briefly, I had an entire virtualbox VM on an external hard disk I was carrying around with a duplicate of my work environment, on the premise that it would be better than remoting my main work machine or building that duplicate several times, but that didn't pan out, mostly because I'm cheap and have old computers and the environment needs to be a fairly beefy Windows 8/10 for voip and admin tools.