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Waiting for Walgreens to open.

Coolpeds with bulges are uncommon here. A heat exchanger isn’t needed by the equipment in there.

Even less common: a ped with half an 819 on top.

Hi I’m having a bad day actually.

Sometimes I make questionable choices and so just as soon as I find a Mac OS 9 cd this will be rectified.

Using more or less category tagging you can build up the site content how you want it to be. I couldn't find a blog with pictures in it, but the code to restrict a picture on a page to fit, say, a column wasn't too wild. I had a few templates but the way I ended up deploying them was by copying some wikicode from a text file (esp. see my machine profile pages.)

unlisted. Looking at my old wiki!

Got a scan from a university. Telling them hi.

Thinking about setting up a 68k/earlyppc Mac web server. (A physical one.)

Has anyone else noticed that RDP now seems to support 3d graphics, even from desktops running Win10 pro to mac/win clients?

Since I can’t quote tweet it, this is intentional garbage that makes using social feeds unusable and is the reason there was such a huge backlash about the 280 on twitter.