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1990s Japanese ExcelBox vibes

So I’m driving along and I come to a rest stop in Texas, which is good, amd holy crap this stop is AMAZING:
- clean
- working vending machines
- indoor
- tornado shelter points
- neutral smell
- lights
- benches inside a climate controlled building

This is a Very Good Rest station

Welcome to Good Ideas Night with stenoweb\coryw.

Oh yeah look at that sweet sweet energy savings. (Maybe)

.... on that 105w chip.

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I got this to put a couple of VMs on but to be honest I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to put vistaBiz, office07, and CS4 on here and experience nostalgia for the good times on my first thinkpads.

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browsing through a folder of old pictures. I need to get my U5 running and find it its own monitor. (pictured monitor is used on my server.)

Ah yes. there's what I was expecting to see. 22h until the @TECT VM is restore. Yaaay!

I'm gonna restore the main vTECT VM to thursday. Hopefully this doesn't fuck with Active Directory too much (yaaaaay).

well, it's doing *something*.

getting ready to have some fun

Ok so I was making a comment to @techfury about how allin1 is all of Exchange and most of SharePoint but on the console and from DEC.

And then I discover this.

And I'm so angry right now. I literally round-tripped a document STORED IN EXCHANGE to an editor and back and it Just Worked.

(I'm actually pretty happy about this and I might use this for a handful of current project types of documents.)


Dearest Google,

I am at my desktop-experience computer.
I can type 100wpm.

Get the fuck out of my way.