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1) if the Genesis locomotives *actually* had "a good 10-20 years left" Amtrak wouldn't be looking to buy new diesels ahead of every other critically short or expiring equipment type
2) I get that you think they look bad, but reliable functional transportation is better than picking something old and broken for looks, in a real production environment
3) Lots of money went into these, it's a bad look to *want* them to go bad regardless of anything else.

Slowly on the heels of some recent content I've seen on line concerning ebooks and reader formats, a casual reminder that the 90s were a time when CDs were for anything and a lot of what was amazing about them was using computer programs to analyze or find information in meaningful ways.

Reference libraries, multimedia experiences, edutainment, information put together in ways that may not previously have been thought about, for perusal at one's own pace.

from a 1993 apple direct sales catalog

feeling deeply uncomfortable

Surface ideas: replacement keyboard.

Got a Surface Go! Putting some thoughts about it in a word document to post on the blog!

The biggest difference in this machine is definitely the size. It's like almost an inch narrower than the 3, so the keyboard is very very narrow. I've gotta get used to it by November.

Good morning. I'm accessing files from my AppleShare server via vintage web server this morning.

oops. now I'm powered by ASIP.

@ueberferret @techfury

The sonnet sata card.

Reset pram, now it shows cd/Zip, but no disk appears on card. Try another slot or dead?

It’s in b1, the middle slot, right now.

No other cards in machine.

Waiting for Walgreens to open.

Coolpeds with bulges are uncommon here. A heat exchanger isn’t needed by the equipment in there.

Even less common: a ped with half an 819 on top.

Hi I’m having a bad day actually.

Sometimes I make questionable choices and so just as soon as I find a Mac OS 9 cd this will be rectified.

Using more or less category tagging you can build up the site content how you want it to be. I couldn't find a blog with pictures in it, but the code to restrict a picture on a page to fit, say, a column wasn't too wild. I had a few templates but the way I ended up deploying them was by copying some wikicode from a text file (esp. see my machine profile pages.)

unlisted. Looking at my old wiki!