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Windows SBS file transfer interface!

vtools uptime record! 23 days!

we wish it luck as it goes through this difficult time

performing the forbidden dark magycks.

maps dot google dot com will show this but only if you zoom into almost 100ft detail level. More than close enough to see who got the good parking spot at the nearby restaurant the day the satellite imagery was updated.

Almost close enough to just read the damn sign in satellite view.

(Just tried: street view is literally the next notch after this detail level.)

1990s Japanese ExcelBox vibes

So I’m driving along and I come to a rest stop in Texas, which is good, amd holy crap this stop is AMAZING:
- clean
- working vending machines
- indoor
- tornado shelter points
- neutral smell
- lights
- benches inside a climate controlled building

This is a Very Good Rest station

Welcome to Good Ideas Night with stenoweb\coryw.

Oh yeah look at that sweet sweet energy savings. (Maybe)

.... on that 105w chip.

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I got this to put a couple of VMs on but to be honest I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to put vistaBiz, office07, and CS4 on here and experience nostalgia for the good times on my first thinkpads.

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browsing through a folder of old pictures. I need to get my U5 running and find it its own monitor. (pictured monitor is used on my server.)

Ah yes. there's what I was expecting to see. 22h until the @TECT VM is restore. Yaaay!

I'm gonna restore the main vTECT VM to thursday. Hopefully this doesn't fuck with Active Directory too much (yaaaaay).