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Well, this is depressing.

Eurostar train set 373018 in storage, left to rot:

As the article points out... this is something that to America is still *futuristic*, and in Europe, it's abandoned, decrepit, and vandalized.

stenoweb\coryw @coryw

@bhtooefr we futuristically trailed them in the early 1990s, ordered ours and started running them in ~1999. I'm guessing that Acela 1 sets will be at the end of their "going over 150" life in a bit under 10 years.

It'll be interesting to see if Amtrak can come up with any additional use for them. Those cars, with trap doors and diesel locomotives added, would do well on a lot of different state/regional routes. (Cascades, but California's hurting for capacity) but conversion may cost too much

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