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So this is a funky-looking bike that New Atlas saw at EICMA - looks battery swappable, too (also wondering how Mastodon will handle embedding this):

stenoweb\coryw @coryw

@bhtooefr that's adorable!

Also, swappability seems like a good idea on that kind of thing anyway. You can replace worn out batteries and bring them inside to charge. I've seen one or two other things like that, but it was a few years ago so heck if I can remember.

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@coryw There's a few things that do it - Gogoro is probably the most successful (and they have a huge battery swap network in Taiwan), GenZe has a swappable 30 mph-limited scooter (fits into most states' 50 cc/moped no-license-required laws) in the US, and Honda just announced an electric version of the PCX that's almost certainly 50 cc-class for Japan.

@bhtooefr I'd heard about gogoro. Perhaps I'm remembering a muuuch smaller device that people just brought inside, and charged with something that looked like a giant xps/precision charger. (the 230w one.) Like, a swagway or similar.