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Soliciting general recommendations/ideas:

I am eventually going to start running a server running AppleShare IP 6 as a server for vintage Mac files, email, and web hosting.

I have a machine, I need a SATA card and some fresh 2TB disks, and to set it up.

I also need a name!

Any ideas? It would be on a subdomain of either stenoweb dot net or 68kmla dot org.

It was set up temporarily using v dot stenoweb dot net, to stand for "vintage".

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If anybody needs an email account:

I run a server with Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint and some other file storage space on the domain stenoweb dot net.

Let me know if you'd like an account!

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cronk is running on - let me know if it's weird.

Also, should there be like a server account (or should I make, like, a TECT Info account?) for announcements related to the server itself? Especially given that the server has to run updates once in a while, etc.

Update: I was reading the price list wrong.

It's $5/user/mo for basic O365 w/ email and $12.50/mo for that plus desktop apps. The 8.50 version is desktop apps but no services.

It's tough to say I think this is bad, specifically, but I do wish it was in a *little* bit of a better way because it still has one of those T-Mobile 200MB/month data SIMs in it, and because the display is extremely beautiful, but I also understand that, say, unlike where graphical microcomputers such as the Mac Plus or Apple IIgs (1986) were, managing a touch screen interface is kind of difficult, computationally.

I should clarify that my iPad 3 will execute programs. Most interface operations on it are near intolerable. About the only thing it does "well" is video. I suspect that would be better if I wiped it, but, like, it's days of running Word are entirely over.

I don't believe it can ever be a responsible typing computer again, even if (until Microsoft decides otherwise) it *can* technically execute Word.

This is a side-toot. Something I won't say to someone I know at a screen name acquaintance rando level, but something I'd say to the face of any one of my more personal friends. But, I still feel compelled to say to my own followers.

LB: The iPad Air, also launched in 2013, just got an update to iOS 12, which is (per all reports I happen to have seen) known to increase performance on all devices it runs on.

More relevantly, I have an iPad 3 from early 2012 and it only runs up to iOS 9, but most of my software still runs fine on it.

My original iPad still works fine, but ecosystem outpaced it, specifically, very quickly, because it's on iOS 5 or 6.

Shoutout to my Nexus 7 2013 tablet on its fifth birthday - still a perfectly functional piece of kit except for the now decrepit software after being abandoned by its makers.

Occurs to me I'd need a CoC/ToU for the system, and I'd probably need to be a little more specific, and maybe a little better on things like determining cause of and fixing outages.

So anyway back to the original point:

1) I run a server with resources to spare that I like to make available to my friends. HMU if you'd like an account!
2) I'd be willing to make it available more widely, but I would want to start recovering my costs. Any ideas on the details of how to do that?

I like having all of this stuff, and I even like doing it, but I work full time and have chronic illness that leaves me *utterly dead* most of the weekend and so there's definitely a sort of...

It would be easier to "just not" as it were.

I do this all for me, but $50/mo can get me a handful of O365 licenses and I could post my blog entries else-where if need be, and I'll admit to having thought about simply migrating my mailbox over to 365 for either $5/user/mo or $9/user/mo to get Office software.

I wouldn't get most of those $90 in discounts and I wouldn't have the static IPs if I wasn't running *any* servers here, so let's just say the server's share is $30 of what would probably be around $90 after fees and taxes. I have no way to know *for real* what that would look like, and there's the possibility I'd buy just one IP, and I'd probably still have my domain name for vanity email, or that I'd find an even cheaper "Office Internet" package without the phone line, etc.

Internet is a little more wild.

I pay ~185/mo for CenturyLink CoreConnect 40/20 DSL with unlimited long distance phone service and 8 public-static IPs, plus RDNS and 25 being open.

"Basic" CoreConnect (20/5) is advertised as being $85/mo. I would probably buy that if I didn't have a public web/email/etc server. (I pay $85, probably because I'm beyond the 3 year promo)

The IPs are $20/mo, the 40/20 speed upgrade is $100/mo.

I have $90 in discounts and my roommate pays $30 to use it.

Power is easier:
The server's UPS calculates Electricity rates with my actual power company's rate of $0.12/kwh (give or take) and it says I'm using around $22.63.

That value will float up and down depending on what's happening. It'd be higher if I was running F@H or if the server had more external drives or if I had more of my network switches hooked up there.

OK this took me a few moments:
The known recurring costs are basically Internet and electricity:

boost this post and i'll give you a prime number

In an ideal world, I'd have enough friends or casual acquaintances who wanted things that I could cover operating costs, too. The fact that those are so high is part of why I'm thinking about this. (I'd buy slightly less Internet if I didn't have the server, and I'd be using less electricity if I didn't have it or ran a smaller box.

I don't have a written improvement plan at the moment.

The best I can say at the exact moment is that I have a vague idea of how to move away from SBS'11 to WSE'16 and Exchange 2016, plus move files one or more separate file server VMs, mainly to separate the actual data into slightly easier to manage chunks.

Best case, I put in $12.50/mo for "TECT Upgrades" becaue it happened to be what was left during a good month.

In reality I buy whatever I need and usually end up wildly mis-categorizing it. (For example, as of right now the $140 I just spent on 68kMLA domains for +2Y is in that line, but the money I spent on disks last weekend isn't.) I only had $83.67 in the category though.)

Semi-related to - I do what I like to think is an okay job running TECT, but it's definitely budget limited.

I've wanted for a long time to be able to share its services more widely, and as such I was wondering if anybody would be interested in Exchange email, sharepoint/smb file services, web hosting, VMs on Hyper-V, or anything related in exchange for a couple bucks.