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cronk is running on - let me know if it's weird.

Also, should there be like a server account (or should I make, like, a TECT Info account?) for announcements related to the server itself? Especially given that the server has to run updates once in a while, etc.

In which translates a Linus Torvalds LKML rant from Asshole to Nice Person. Worth reading even if you know nothing about programming.

#foss #floss #opensource #DontBeAJerkToTheLKMLWhenDrinkingYourJuiceInTheHood

spatial πŸ‘ finder πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ only πŸ‘ real πŸ‘ finder

what naming scheme do you use for your computers (if any)?

(boost so more people can answer)

picked up some books about computer mediated communication from the library.

Gon' start taking notes.

Thinking about writing some stuff in MacWritePro.

usb flashdrives are without a doubt the most evil storage devices on the planet

- This was in the USA
- The locomotive was an SD70ACe.
- I notice this with dash9s and evolutions too
- also I think it's the first time I'd really heard an SD70
- I live along the BNSF transcon and so I almost never see anything but GEs so it was very exciting
- I don't remember if it was an ACe or an T4, but I presume the principle would be the same since it's probably Physics(TM) causing this phenomenon.

Legit questions:

This morning I drove by a locomotive pushing the back of what I presume was a fairly long freight train and it was just dreadfully (read: extremely beautifully) noisy, like it was working at full effort.

1) Is this true, in terms of like the physics of railroads
2) do railroads observe any like difference in maintenance needs of locomotives that end up at the back of the train a lot or is there like a plan to avoid this?

vaguely related hottake: deprecated computer systems requiring rare or proprietary, obsolete hardware should be preserved by emulation

I have developed a new product, a competitor to Tile, for keeping track of your things. It is free, open source, and uses no batteries.

I call it β€œBeing Super Aware and Careful About Where You Put Important Things That Your Everyday Life Depends On.”

hopefully everything'll behave a bit better now

rebooting tect/sodor hardware because, uh... I don't even know.

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Mastodon *really* needs a collapse toot button. I don't care that mastodon itself doesn't support more than 500 characters.

Other software it federates with and will federate with in the future do and will.

installing updates on tect/vtect (the vm, not sodor the host)