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cronk is running on - let me know if it's weird.

Also, should there be like a server account (or should I make, like, a TECT Info account?) for announcements related to the server itself? Especially given that the server has to run updates once in a while, etc.

vaguely related hottake: deprecated computer systems requiring rare or proprietary, obsolete hardware should be preserved by emulation

I have developed a new product, a competitor to Tile, for keeping track of your things. It is free, open source, and uses no batteries.

I call it “Being Super Aware and Careful About Where You Put Important Things That Your Everyday Life Depends On.”

hopefully everything'll behave a bit better now

rebooting tect/sodor hardware because, uh... I don't even know.

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Mastodon *really* needs a collapse toot button. I don't care that mastodon itself doesn't support more than 500 characters.

Other software it federates with and will federate with in the future do and will.

installing updates on tect/vtect (the vm, not sodor the host)

<coryw> meh R. We have SAS.
<also coryw> o hello there
<also coryw> I dont' even know what numbers are so this might not be a good idea.

Waiting for Walgreens to open.

Coolpeds with bulges are uncommon here. A heat exchanger isn’t needed by the equipment in there.

Even less common: a ped with half an 819 on top.

who cares about film grain when we can have "mid-1990s digital camera JPEG" grain instead?

Interesting UI and clip art in a Japanese DTP application called Hanako (花子) 2014:

love my totally fine body's totally normal reactions to even the most mild of adverse conditions.

So great and it never causes me trouble.