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Here's a reminder that http://bootstrappable.org/projects.html is pointing to cool stuff people are doing.

If you're tired of glue code, do something fundamental and help oriansj and janneke build the GNU of the future from a tiny, human-auditable binary core and then Source All The Way Down.

did your car spontaneously change terminal size on the road and stuck? sounds like a job for a SIGWINCH

exxon-valdez has nothing on a netburst pipeline spill

all the pain of repairing things is made up for by the hour or so of extreme euphoria when it works

"my sensibilities have been offended in a way that only a duel in halo 3 can resolve" — @calvin

Now now, there's no need for such language

Fun fact: Windows doesn't actually use just the extension to determine executability, it uses a permission on ACL

wallow in post-N900 sadness thread?

Alexa is laughing at people, and now all the Oculus Rift headsets are broken because a certificate expired.

I'm moving from smug to outright pointing-and-laughing now.


tired: reading articles entirely

wired: reading only headlines

inspired: reading only slugs

ActivityPub and OStatus are just IRC with validation seeking mechanisms integrated 🤔


Embrace, Extend, Extinguish is alive and well in the valley.

So, Slack has decided to shutdown IRC and XMPP interfaces.

Looks like no more slack for me!

This is why I hate productivity systems that help you "capture ideas".

Ideas are great but fuck ideas.