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@kaniini whenever you reply to people, Mastodon seems to be slapping in preview embeds for mentions

a bit strange

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Fediverse: what is your favorite retrocomputing platform?

(I'll define "retrocomputing" as "at least 20 years old" for these purposes.)

oh no I have an appointment tomorrow

wait what, you can download Linux distros in Windows 10's store, for use by the Linux personality?

this is quaint and surreal

my body is a communion of tim and eric VHSRiPs

nothing more HUH??? than a hungry cat

playing = now playing

thus, p = np

gimme the torino award please

qt offers a new and exciting way to write webshit: in c++

Overall results: tests: 26938, 100% pass, opt combinations: 23

it passes all JIT regression tests 👍

real 94m42.818s
user 59m44.048s
sys 103m35.893s

I love the smell of fresh builds in the evening

pickup 52, but with a tarot deck

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I love the idea of having lots of ActivityPub implementations to serve various niches:

- Twitter-esque (Mastodon)
- Facebook-esque (Aardwolf)
- YouTube-esque (PeerTube)
- Instagram-esque (?)
- Flickr-esque (?)
- etc.

With Socialhome though, it almost seems to be replacing the traditional blog / personal website. Is ActivityPub the new RSS?

fun fact: CMake doesn't buffer output

it's just spewing control chars in my terminal without care

now my muscle memory's all fucked, windows 10 clobbered my settings, and the install is full of outdated cruft anyways

I guess i'll reinstall later anyways

oh no; I was going to make backups soon and reinstall, but...


oui, c'est numberwang!

"ProTip: append .patch to the github pull request url and apply that one with git apply -> much easier than messing with git for small changes"


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