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tired: /url/routing

wired: /~cvlvin/cgi-bin/

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@calvin It's the perfect plan. No one expects the Feds and then BAM! It's the Other Feds!

i wonder if the NSA wants field agents, not for anything practical, but to pretend they're FBI/CIA (and budget!) 🤔

it ain't the steam client without crippling bugs

I love volvo

PPC asm continues to be The Enemy

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Interesting factoid of the day:
You choose if internet archive will archive your site or not using a file called robots.txt

This file comes from a 1990s era agreement between libraries when they thought lots of people would be archiving websites

Today the only place you can find a copy of that agreement is internet archive as no one but them actually went through with plans to archive websites.

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two skilled debuggers


one branch from counter register boi

warning: trampolines are dangerous! I already hurt my self with a SIGSEGV on one!

i miss when we thought japan was going to take over the world

it is only until you @ numberwang that something is or isn't numberwang

winmine.exe boosted do I own a Sun 13W3 to VGA adapter but not a USB to PS2 adapter

it's easy to make americans look back in awe when I tell them about Canadian taco bell

tired: steppe nomads

wired: steppe monads

I love it when git doesn't work like you want it to