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yast is a german knock-off of smit

calvin@wellnix:~> git
If 'git' is not a typo you can run the following command to lookup the package that contains the binary:
command-not-found git
-bash: git: command not found
calvin@wellnix:~> command-not-found git

this is your server with a YaST infection

from IRC:

> IRC is good for nuclear launch control because users will already be used to netsplits for when atmospheric detonations EMP half the network
> "netsplit, we lost the east coast :("

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Possible title(s) of my new postpunk neo-NewWave prog-rock Italo Disco band(s), album(s), and/or track(s)

* Symbiosis (part 1.1)
* Separable Functions of Men and Computers in the Anticipated Symbiotic Association
* Mechanically Extended Man
* Chemical Machines
* Thinking Center
* Integration and the Criterion
* The Light-Valve Principle
* Mnemonic Wizard
* Noisy Narrow-Band Devices
* Communication And Control
* Charactron
* The Language Problem

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Adding 'progressive' to any genre makes it better. We should make progressive versions of genres that don't currently have them. What does progressive baroque sound like? I don't know, but OH GOD I want to!

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/me pours a drinky-poo for Mister Lahey (RIP)

I should file a bug report to upstream Mono, but only after I verify on Linux (only after I acquire access to a ppc64be system though)

they've got a guy working on a fix but it's slow going and apparently doesn't work yet

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Interested in I'm willing to give out invites if you reply with your blog, VCS repos, cool projects you've made, thoughts relevant to the site's scope, etc.

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Ever since the blue LED was invented, they have overused it everywhere.

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In 1999 it was exciting to get the Quake source code because coding a high quality 3D renderer was the hardest part of making an action game.

In 2018 the hardest part of making an action game is coding a good-feeling character controller.

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To be clear, most of the SSDs in my systems are like some of the cheapest ones you can get and it turns out they still kick hard drives' ass

tired: little endian:

wired: big endian

inspired: middle endian

retired: pdp endian

spelunky is an underrated gem

i got a gdb debugging sesh done this morning; it did probably confirm my worst suspicions though

there will need to be ppc asm written