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@Elizafox @elizabooks if you can imagine an angry barely bilingual redneck saying it, it's valid chiac

this is a 70s a dystopian scifi channel now

don't @ me unless you've seen at least one of these:

* THX 1138
* Zardoz
* Soylent Green
* Logan's Run

so I've got two tabs, one for Gitter, one for Ryver, and then a Putty window to view a tmux session containing an irssi window with a heck of a lot of windows

this is small potatoes compared to the mess of tabs and electron apps others have

i miss the future of unified IM/chat clients pidgin and trillian promised us!

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I don't know what's worse, Electron, or WebView wrappers?

edit, I just got back an hour later from the phone conversation with Gene Rochefort, CEO of Mastodon, he says he's added the most powerful servers

my toots are so popular I have the CEO of mastodon on the line paying for new servers

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holy shit til about binfmt i was so confused as to why a .net based x86 PE was running on my linux machine w/o explicitly invoking mono

you know you fucked up when gdb's angry

what do the French and the Bavarians have in common?

they both give me headaix

with all these life achievements I've unlocked, i'm going to have so much gamerscore when i die

if disembowelment is a thing, what does that make dismemberment? 🤔

an infinite supply of donair 🤔

the Enemy can match email addresses and phone numbers without any symbols

the Enemy can parse HTML

the Enemy can disassemble URIs

the Enemy is an infinite state machine

the Enemy has better regexps than you do


protip: don't make -j with gettext unless you like forkbombs