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QR codes are actually very good and they need more western adoption

literally everything you'd want to use a CW for Show more

Fediverse is just plan files for millennials, when are we bringing back finger?

tempted to reflash my old N900 with postmarketOS, but not without a good mobile UI solution

running NetSurf badly doesn't sound like why I bought it originally

from IRC

09:37 < awal> The google doodle has options to share it on Twitter, Facebook, email it to someone but not to share on Google Plus.

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@calvin @Elizafox Also, some of what fascinates me is... they were doing some shit back in the 1970s, that modern OSes today aren't yet doing, or only do as a side project.

It's really that it's so /different/ from everything else that appeals to me, I think, too. It's not "just another Unix box or something heavily inspired by Unix in one way or another" (Windows counts in some ways, as MS-DOS 2.0 inherited a fair amount from Unix, and Windows inherited that), like so much of modern computing.

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What is it with this recent revival in fascination with IBM i I've seen

I resize all my windows to be like the biggest 4:3 section of a 16:9 screen, and basically never use the right third or so except in emergencies

why don't I buy a 2007FP already?

avant-grade music made only by sampling Ubuntu boot sounds

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, professional AIX sysadmin


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i hope the dog from windows xp file search is doing well despite being out of work

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