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David Byrne, 1978: "I think of the people that are working for me"

America, 2018: "..." *shudder*

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David Byrne, 1978: "Some civil servants are just like my loved ones."

Mastodon, 2018: "ACAB"

David Byrne, 1978: "I hear girls are getting into abstract analysis..."

Girls, 2018: Use R to analyze abstract data.

god, I need some old WindowBlinds themes and a copy of WindowBlinds

I want the tacky and lavish themes of the 2000s I missed oout on

I loved Michael Gira in Mulholland Drive

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All superhero films are yawn fests

superpower that would come in handy: the ability to know what techmoan will post a week before it's uploaded

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it's a slow night on fedi when the bot posts are adjacent

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This is what happens when "power users" try to describe hardware architecture without actually understanding it - this whole "left 32" and "right 32" myth about the Power Mac x200 machines persisted for nearly 20 years, while being *utterly* false:


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@Elizafox TBQH, I'd say "gamer" is a subset of "power user".

"Power users" tend to fall into two categories, IME:

* Actually an expert at the tools they use for their regular tasks, completely clueless elsewhere
* Dunning-Kruger sufferers that eventually get things working and therefore think they're experts, but only by breaking everything else in their path, come up with completely illogical mythologies for how things work based on that, and then spew them out to other "power users"

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On the sliding scale of computer users, where one end is "grandma" and the other end is "actually created the hardware," most gamers lie just below "power user".

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I really despise vim's mouse mode, it never works right (mostly because every terminal emulator works wrongly with mice) and it interferes with OS copy/paste

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To this end, I think I should learn to use Troff.