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born to network
iptables is a fuck
firewall em all 2018
I am ifconfig man
410,757,864,530 DROPPED PACKETS

upstream merged the patch branch, woohoo!

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Wow, the IBM z14 looks like a gamer case from, oh, a couple years ago (before the RGB LED craze).

This is a mainframe. Your bank may have a few.

aunts & uncles: all the fun of being a parent with none of the responsibility!


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Birdsite but do read this thread. It's freaking important.

This reeks racket. Pay us to deliver email or it will be silently dropped - no, not spam filtered just dropped. As someone who self-hosts email I can only say that letting things like that happen essentially kills email as a decentralized service.

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Holy hell, I forgot how much power, my IBM POWER 520 Express, with 2x 4.2 GHz POWER6 Dual Cores, pulled at idle.

The answer is 465.5 watts based on my current UPS load (62.4%), versus my UPS load without it (14.9%), and my UPS's 980 watt (1500 VA, but, well, power factor) rating.

But, hey, it gives me pretty green screens like this:

someone needs to gline the supernets people from IRL next time I see their spambot

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here's a best practice for you:

don't pop garbage over the article text i'm trying to read on your website in the name of 'engagement'

i end up engaging with the close button

yeah, but can you explain string cheese with string theory?

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@calvin Yep, back then, every day, I:

* Recorded a video for my wife
* Set a MP3 alarm for her
* Hotsynced my e-mail
* Hotsynced high-res maps
* Hotsynced spreadsheets
* Hopped in a plane
* Jammed to MP3s in a light plane's cockpit
* E-mailed a drawing of rain clouds over Bluetooth, SMSed my wife to tell her I e-mailed her
* In response to her going into labor, zoomed in on a map of the hospital
* Jumped out of the plane, taking selfies on the way down
* Drug the parachute through the hospital

pretty sure this is how you were supposed to use a PDA in the 2000s

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I have this little critter from the 1980s or 1990s. I don't remember if it was my dad or my uncle who got a pair of them for my brother and I.

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spoiler: they will; and I doubt other GNU/Linux on mobile people know better either; you're doomed to another freerunner based on the mistakes I see Purism making right now

tbh, I wonder if just pumping money into Replicant, F-Droid, and replacements for Google services might have been more sensible instead of yet another GNU/Boondoggle

disclaimer: sad N900 owner

A look at BTRON OS; if you don't speak Japanese, the tl;dr: is that it's a VERY document oriented OS; with pervasive templates, embedding, and documents integrated into the UX metaphors.

But TRON didn't stop there; it was part of a whole grand version, top to bottom with the full stack and every market segment; from CPUs to the OS and microcontrollers to mainframes. But that ambition didn't go far; and only ITRON took off in deep embedded like automotive.

...maybe transcribing that C into C# is a bad idea when it involves copious abuse of memset and ioctl

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shell + awk + make, three separate domains, three languages that have swollen to largely subsume each other, which means for many operations, There Is More Than One Horrible Way To Do It using this language trifecta.

And of course:

> You can write a Lisp in each one

Here is how people use them:

> When you see awk in a Makefile, you're seeing three intertwined languages, because make is a macro language that passes command strings literally to /bin/sh.

> Eighty percent of lines in a typical Makefile are literally shell, or variable assignments that are easily expressed in shell.

> bash and zsh add associative arrays and regex support to shell, which makes them semantically close to awk.

> Awk only has floating point arithmetic, and bash only has integer arithmetic.

So what #oil #oilshell aims to do, is to own the capabilities and domains of all three -- "composition of processes", "streaming computation" and "data-driven, incremental, and parallel computation" -- combined in a not-horrible way.

Debugging a strange DNS issue in Mono on AIX/POWER; I think I've isolated it; so I have a clue now?