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Sleepy Doug-E Jones

Debugging a strange DNS issue in Mono on AIX/POWER; I think I've isolated it; so I have a clue now?

for each Hejlsberg Denmark creates, it also creates a Stroustroup and a Lerdorf

"Corruption within FIFA builds up over the years from Havelange's expansion efforts. As president of FIFA, Blatter is tasked to clean this up. Because of this, he is seen as a controversial president. Many FIFA officials attempt to vote him off because of how incorruptible he is."

seems legit

the 90s began with a bush and ended with a bush

Last night I dreamed about playing a nonexistent Die-Hard-meets-System-Shock Metroidlike platformer game from 1993 under 'Compaq Desqview' on an emulator in the house of dream-friends I have who I don't even know in real life

what is wrong with me

I mean everyone knows it was Quarterdeck, not Compaq, who made DesqView

how am i meant to know if i will enjoy going to my grandma's 83rd birthday if i haven't been to my grandma's 83rd birthday yet

I feel like a weirdo for putting my dock on the right-hand side of the screen, but height is more useful than width

I just had to reinstall the whole compiler, no big deal.

holy crap, I did it

$ cat hello.cs
using System;

class HelloWorld {
public static void Main() {
Console.WriteLine("Hello {0}", Environment.OSVersion);
$ /opt/mono/bin/mcs hello.cs
$ /opt/mono/bin/mono hello.exe
Hello Unix
$ uname -a
AIX aix 1 6 00C76B054C00 powerpc AIX


wired: libc.a(shr_64.o)

git: the eponymous version control system

StackOverflow considered harmful, they should consider buying as a fallback service name.

in which I discover a new gcc bug (at least this one has a workaround)

David Byrne feat. Oneohtrix Point Never - This Is That (skip to 1h51m)