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@banjofox I got a bit carried away, and earliest I've found the phrase is a 1990 quote in reference to Coherent.

Given the "butter" product was launched in 1981 and the GNU project was announced in 1983, there's another 7 year window for people to have put the two together.

I actually had things to do today, and I did this instead.

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Confession (tabs vs spaces) Show more

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Is your child texting about ed? Know the signs:
gtg: show lines containing "g"
kk: drop mark "k"
smh: remove the first "h"
stfu: remove the first "fu"
r ofl: read the file "ofl" in
w tf: write to "tf"

poppin' packets by the ice, like a v6

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Apropos of absolutely nothing at all:

Be judicious of what WordPress plugins you install, folks.

It's not even just the #infosec problem, some of the plugins on there are someone's first PHP project and are absolute trash fires that will slow your WordPress install to a crawl.

i'm yak shaving so hard I might as well give the yak electrolysis

looks like upgrading GCC will solve my remaining dynamic linking woes after fixing the big ones; turns out one issue was an actual compiler bug, the other is the packager being a dum dum

tired: internal combustion engine

wired: external combustion engine

inspired: eternal combustion engine

oh wow, my phone rebooted for updates

an android phone with updates is a unicorn; I will treasure this

“Only three people have ever really understood the Schleswig-Holstein business—the Prince Consort, who is dead—a German professor, who has gone mad—and I, who have forgotten all about it."

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wow, I remember how much screen sucked, I miss tmux

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I like SharePoint and I run my own web site on it, basically against all better judgment, but I don't know if I can without reservation recommend it to other people, in part because not everyone has what would be the best way to run it, an on-prem server where an 8-gig VM isn't $53/month.

Although let's be real: my internet bill for my IPs is $180/mo, so, that's an issue too.

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Hey I did a simple scan of the peers API and created a GDF file (map of the fediverse). Anyone wanna try visualizing it? (warning: 4.1mb text file)