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tired: Ruby on Rails and node.js
wired: RPG IV and CL

a currency backed by guns... i call it the US Dollar

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i should prob do something with that domain I bought; like rework my server infra on LAN and use that with it

well that might explain why i'm getting alignment issues

mono/mini/mini-ppc.c:/* Fixme: we need an alignment solution for enter_method and mono_arch_call_opcode,
mono/mini/mini-ppc.c: * currently alignment in mono_arch_call_opcode is computed without arch_get_argument_info

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suck it POWER, it seems to work

now it's time to figure out why the runtime wants to do aligned memmoves on unaligned memory

why am I more productive when sleep deprived

in which I might actually manage to tame the POWER JIT without knowing POWER assembler

ugh, I can hear the DAC clicking on and off on my ThinkPad

is this what being an audiophile is like?

death before dishonour

but do play Dishonored before you die, it's a pretty good game

in my "revisit 90s swans" thing for this week; it turns out Love of Life is a better album than people give it credit for: the "skits" combine SotB like field recs with a Boards of Canada like sense of warm nostalgia, the Gira/Jarboe "folk rock" is a bit more upbeat compared to the oppressive and depressive White Light and the at times dangerously cheesy gothic alt-rock of The Great Annihilator. Overall, pretty solid despite weak spots, and a happy medium of various Swans forms on one record.

sure is keeping me on toes with all these ifdefs around the JIT

at least I can start the compiler now (before it bombs out due to aforementioned JIT issues)

from the current gdb session: 0xbadc0ffee0ddf00d

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my fav code comments are the exasperated kind that are like

// turns out those unsigned short casts are SUPER important

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who remembers

tag SEMANTIC this
clouds WEB stuff
SEO searchability
like SHIT lol God
hashtag Mastodon

is there anything more awkward than a cat staring you down in the bathroom?